Rowsie gives you Excel superpowers

She's an expert business analyst in your corner, 24/7

Understand Models Effortlessly

Ask Rowsie anything about your spreadsheets, from explaining model structure to deciphering complex formulas

Rowsie helps you craft formulas, clean up formatting, and even build new models from scratch

Rowsie drives the analysis so you can get to actionable results faster


Guard your data with Rowsie's enterprise-grade security—your peace of mind is our priority.


No new tools to learn and no changes to the way you work—Rowsie works directly inside Excel.


Rely on Rowsie for accurate, transparent Excel solutions you can verify within your spreadsheet.

Rowsie has been transformative for me, especially when working with complex Excel models. It streamlines understanding new models by clearly highlighting key drivers, conclusions, and operations. It's an essential add-in for Excel users!

Barry T
Management Consultant

Rowsie takes my Excel game to the next level. Rowsie helps me determine where to look for key metrics in massive data rooms, supports me as I walk through complex models, and helps me find errors in my own Excel work as well.

Kelly W
Venture Capital Associate

Struggling with complex Excel models? Rowsie simplifies by showing how outputs are generated, understanding context, and saving time on troubleshooting without needing to ask for help.

Jimmy C
Data Analyst
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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about Rowsie and how she can help you.
What is Rowsie?
Rowsie is an AI-powered assistant designed specifically for Excel to help streamline your modeling process. By integrating seamlessly with your spreadsheets, Rowsie assists in understanding complex data, building efficient models, and automating repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on what's important.
What can Rowsie do?
Rowsie can interpret and explain spreadsheet models, assist in building and debugging formulas, and provide personalized recommendations to optimize your Excel tasks. Whether you're analyzing financial data or managing large datasets, Rowsie enhances your productivity and decision-making capabilities.
How does Rowsie work?
Rowsie works directly within your Excel environment, using artificial intelligence to understand your queries and provide relevant, context-aware solutions. Simply ask Rowsie a question or request assistance, and she will offer immediate support and insights, all within the familiar interface of your spreadsheet.
How much does Rowsie cost?
Experience all that Rowsie has to offer with 15 free messages each month. If you find yourself needing more, you can subscribe to our unlimited usage plan for just $20 per month.

Students can enjoy the same unlimited access for only $10 per month. Simply email us from your student email address at students@rowsie.ai to secure your discounted rate.
Is Rowsie secure?
Yes, Rowsie is built with your security in mind. We use HSTS to ensure all data is transmitted securely over HTTPS with TLS v1.2 or higher. Our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft's Azure and Google Cloud Platform, both compliant with top-tier security certifications like ISO-9001 and ISO-27001. We hash customer passwords for additional security and do not store sensitive payment information. Internally, we enforce stringent access controls and multi-factor authentication for all administrative access.
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